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Trampolines are fun to play with and it doesn’t matter how old are you, spending time with trampolines is always a good idea. Even many shopping malls, adventure parks, and water parks have trampolines in them on which visitors can play.

These days, people have started buying trampolines on their own since there are different types of trampolines available out there. From big to small and circle to round, every shape and size of trampolines can be found out there. Not only trampolines but while buying anything you must pay attention to the product’s brand as it is very important to buy something from a good brand.

Here in this post, we are going to tell you about some of the best trampolines brands you can find out there. A simple search on the internet will get you a list of hundreds of trampolines brands but not all of them are safe to buy, you can consider buying safe trampolines.

Buying a trampoline from an untrustworthy brand can break the springs and cause injuries. We will recommend you to go over your budget sometimes to buy a branded item instead of going with any regular brand. Trampolines are more like an investment and you must buy them only from reputed brands that are in the trampolines business for quite a long and from those who are known to produce the best trampolines.

Best Trampoline Brands 202 To Buy Trampoline From


Skywalker Trampolines is currently one of the best and most popular trampolines brand out there. This company was founded back in 2004 and right now they are selling more than a million trampolines every month all around the world. Initially, this company was serving only in the United States but now they have expanded their business to other countries as well.

It offers trampolines at a very low cost while the quality remains superior to other trampoline brands. Different types and sizes of trampolines are available from Skywalker and the springs used in its trampolines are made specifically for their trampolines. Along with the trampolines you can also buy additional accessories for your trampolines.


Springfree is another good trampoline brand which you can consider while buying a trampoline. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for trampolines for kids or adults, Springfree offers different types of trampolines so you will find it easier in buying. Also, the quality of Springfree trampolines is better than other similar brands.

Another good thing about Springfree trampolines is that they come with a hard spring which makes the entire trampoline durable. If you want then you can also buy an additional ladder with the trampolines so you can easily go up and come down from it. Many trampolines from Springfree come with a net and that is what attracts more people.

Vuly Trampolines

Vuly trampolines were founded as Trampolines Australia but later they changed their name. If you are looking for some small to medium-sized trampolines then you can consider buying them from Vuly. There are quite a good number of trampolines from Vuly Thunder available out there but there aren’t good options available in large size.

This company has moved to other sports like basketball and football so major products available out there from Vuly are for these two sports. Still, if you don’t have a high budget for a trampoline, then you should definitely check Vuly as most of their trampolines are cheap and will definitely get the work done as home-usage.

Plum Play Wave

Plum Play Wave is one of the oldest brands we’ve found so far, so you can trust it with your trampoline needs. Though a lot of trampolines from this brand aren’t available on Amazon but you can always visit its official website to buy them. Considering its trustworthiness, we will recommend you to go with this brand first.

Different sizes of trampolines are available from this brand so you will not face any issues while buying one. If you are looking for trampolines for commercial purposes, even then you can try buying Plum Play Wave trampolines. Almost every trampoline from this brand comes with a ladder and safety enclosure at no extra cost.

  • Founding Year – 1988
  • Our Ratings – 8/10
  • Best Selling Product –


SkyBound makes very high-quality trampolines that are suitable for both personal and commercial uses. From very small to medium and big, all types of trampolines are available from SkyBound. Another good thing about the SkyBound brand is that it offers a variety of accessories and add-ons with their trampolines.

Despite being a new company to the trampolines business, millions of people are using trampolines made by SkyBound right now. If your trampoline is broken, then you can also buy the replacement parts like springs, mats, ladders, base, etc. from SkyBound. It is definitely a good company to buy the trampolines from.

  • Founding Year – 2009
  • Our Ratings – 9/10
  • Best Selling Product –


Giantex is not just another trampoline brand but it offers a huge variety of services related to trampolines. If you are looking for trampoline repairing services, even then you can reach out to Giantex and they will get the work done. There are quite a good number of trampolines from Giantex that are available on Amazon at a discounted rate.

This company offers a safety enclosure net with almost all of their trampolines and that’s what made us include this brand in this list of best trampoline brands. We’ve already linked their #1 Best Seller on Amazon and if you want then you can check it out to know what you should consider Giantex over other brands when it comes to trampolines.


JumpSport has been there for a long time so you can trust this brand with your trampoline needs. Even after being a multi-national company, JumpSport has never increased the prices of their trampolines and yet selling it according to the market. This is what attracts millions of customers every month to buy trampolines from them.

If you are new to trampolines and don’t know much about the durability, elasticity, etc. then you can buy one from the JumpSport that suits your budget and you will be satisfied with your purchase. Different types of trampolines are available on the internet from JumpSport so do read the information before buying any trampoline from them.


JumpKing is another old brand for trampolines and they offer both personal and professional trampolines. Many shopping centers and playing grounds have made contracts with JumpKing because of their quality trampolines. One good thing about JumpKing is that they offer features and durability at a very cheap rate as compare to other brands.

When you buy trampolines from JumKing, then they do offer installation and product demo features so new buyers can find it easy to use the trampolines. The springs used in JumpKing trampolines are manufactured by themselves and not outsources so they are extra durable and up-to the standards according to JumpSport.

  • Founding Year – 1948
  • Our Ratings – 10/10
  • Best Selling Product –


Zupapa is also a new trampoline brand but there are hundreds of trampolines and other outdoor playing products available from them. If you have never heard about this trampoline brand then you are missing out on something really useful. The buyers of Zupapa trampolines are very satisfied with the products and you can read that too.

We have searched a lot about this brand and found that despite being new to the trampoline business, Zupapa is doing great than many other older and professional brands. Well, if you don’t like falling for older brands, then we will recommend you to try trampolines from Zupapa and we are sure that you will love it too.

Upper Bounce

Last but not least is Upper Bounce and don’t think that we are mentioning it, at last doesn’t mean it is not better than the trampoline brands mentioned above. Upper Bounce is definitely a worthy brand when it comes to adjustable trampolines and especially for those trampolines that are built for both indoor and outdoor usage. Also checkout best indoor trampolines.

Upper Bounce occasionally runs various promotions and deals in which you can buy their trampolines at a highly discounted rate than normal. You might need to check-out the Upper Bounce Amazon seller page for some really amazing deals. We have listed one of the most popular trampolines from Upper Bounce below, and do check it out too.

Final Words

So this is all about the best trampolines brands available right now and we hope you have got an idea of some of the top trampolines brands you can find out there. There are countless trampolines brands available out there but we will recommend you stick with the brands we have mentioned above and buy trampolines only from them.

We will keep this post updated with more brands for trampolines, so keep visiting this page to know about them. If you have any questions related to trampolines or you know about some other trampolines brands that you think are suitable and good then you can let us know about it via the comments below so we can add it to this list.

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