Top 10 Best Rectangle Trampolines To Buy In 2021 [REVIEWED]

When it comes to the cardio exercises, the trampoline jumping outweighs the cardio cycle and treadmill. Trampoline jumping is a great exercise that many people ignore. But the real fitness enthusiasts understand the importance of the trampoline exercise and have installed the fitness trampolines in their backyard.

What’s better than the exercise that you can do with your friends, family, and kids in your backyard. With the trampoline jumping, you can have fun and also exercise in the open air. It’s a thousand times better than the gym exercises which are in a confined environment.

Best Rectangular Trampolines To Buy In 2021

The best type of trampolines for doing such exercises are the rectangular trampolines. With the best rectangular trampolines in 2021, you can easily do the exercises on big surfaces. Instead of getting the round trampoline, you should opt for the best rectangular trampolines in the market.

There are some good quality rectangular trampolines available online, but you have to do deep research to find the best products. You should not worry about the same, as we are going to share the list of the best rectangular trampolines in 2021. With these trampolines, you get more surface area, stability, safety, and fun of doing the exercise. 

1) Upper Bounce Gymnastics Styles Rectangular Trampoline

Upper Bounce 9' X 15' Gymnastics Style, Rectangular Trampoline Set with Premium Top-Ring Enclosure System- Beige/Black

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The gymnasts have to do a lot of exercises and stunts. For performing the same, they need some high-quality large trampolines. With the Upper Bounce Gymnastics style regular trampoline, all of the requirements are fulfilled. This product has the dimensions of 9-inch x 12-inch, which is spacious. The installation of this product is very easy, so you can set up in the backyards with ease. 

The jumping mat is made of the highest quality PP material, with eight-row stitching, which provides the ultimate safety and durability. As the name suggests this jumping mat is held in place by heavy-duty galvanized steel springs, which provide a superior bounce. Also, the high-quality stainless steel frame provides the necessary support, which stabilizes the trampoline while you are jumping on the same. 

  • Easy Assembly Process
  • Higher Weight Capacity
  • High-Quality PP Material Mat
  • Galvanized Frame and Springs
  • Spacious Construction
  • Heavyweight 

2) Skywalker Rectangular Jump N Dunk Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure Net & Basketball Hoop- Green

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Skywalker is one of the best trampoline brands in the markets. With the SKywalker trampoline, you can get an excellent experience. The Skywalker Rectangular Jump N Dunk Trampoline is the best one for those who need extra space in the trampoline. The product comes with a safety net enclosure, which provides safety to the users. Not just that, you get an optional basketball hoop, if you want to play basketball while jumping on the trampoline. 

For excellent jumping, the product comes with two different sizes of springs. These springs provide elasticity to the trampoline. Not just that, the galvanized steel construction provides strength and stability. With the foam padding on the poles and the borders, you can be sure that playing or jumping on this trampoline won’t cause any unintended injuries. In short, it’s one of the best rectangular trampolines available in the market. 

  • Comes with Basketball Hoop
  • Safety Net Enclosure included
  • Padded Steel Poles
  • Strong Galvanized Stainless Steel Frame
  • High-quality Springs
  • No Ladder Included 

3) Acon Air 16 Sports Rectangular Trampoline

Trampoline ACON Air 16 Sport HD with Enclosure | Includes 10x17ft Rectangular Trampoline, Safety Net, Safety Pad and Ladder

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If you love having heavy-duty products in your house, then the Acon Air 16 is one of the best rectangular trampolines that you can purchase. The Acon Air 16 Sports HD rectangular trampoline is a 16×9 feet trampoline, which can accommodate more than a few people with ease. As it’s a heavy-duty product, it has a higher weight-bearing capacity.

The jumping quality of this product is top-notch, as it comes with 10-inch long springs. The springs are heavy duty and do not unwind or become squeaky after a few days. The jumping mat is made from the UV resistant Polypropylene material, which provides the ultimate strength. The material is cross-sown six times to increase the strength. With the safety net enclosure, there is no chance of you falling off while jumping vigorously. 

  • Suitable for Beginners
  • Polypropylene Jumping Mat
  • UV resistant
  • 10-inch High-Quality Springs
  • Galvanized Steel Frame 
  • Expensive Product

4) Galactic Xtreme Gymnastics Rectangular Trampoline

Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Commercial Grade Trampoline 13 x 23 FT Rectangle, 550lbs User Weight,, 172 Springs (13 X 23 Ft, 13X23 Rectangle)

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The professional gymnasts always prefer getting the best-in-class trampoline. The Galactic Xtreme rectangular trampoline is specially designed for gymnasts and fitness enthusiasts. It’s the biggest rectangular trampoline in our list. The dimensions of this product are 13×23 feet, which is pretty big and can accommodate more than a few people with ease. Also, the weight-bearing capacity of this trampoline is excellent. 

With the 3.0mm thick galvanized steel frame, the product gets all the stability and strength. Also, the thick polypropylene jumping mat can handle the weight of more than 1500 pounds, which is very high. Also, the high-quality rust-proof steel springs will provide superior resistance for a bounce. Not just that, the safety enclosure makes sure you won’t fall off from the trampoline. This is the best trampoline for gymnasts and fitness enthusiasts.

  • Suitable for Gymnasts
  • Multiple Size Options available
  • High-Quality Polypropylene Mat
  • 3.0mm Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Safety Net Enclosure
  • Pretty Expensive
  • Requires Big space

5) Mega Outdoor Rectangular Trampoline

Mega Outdoor Trampoline with Fiber Flex Enclosure System, 8' X 14' | Big Trampoline for Kids | Rectangular Adult Trampoline | Safe & Fun Great Exercise Trampoline | Bonus 3-Step Ladder

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If you want to use the trampoline for fun and exercise at the same time, then there is nothing better than the Mega Outdoor Rectangular trampoline. This product is made with a high-quality Galvanized steel frame, which provides stability. The steel frame handles all the weight and prevents frequent sliding of the trampoline while you are jumping on the same. For a strong jumping experience, this product uses 86 springs, which are also made from galvanized steel and rust-proof. 

As you will use this mega outdoor rectangular trampoline for yourself and with your kids, you should take care of the safety. Fortunately, this product comes with the safety net enclosure, which is made from fibre flex. The material is of high-quality, so you won’t have to compromise on your safety. The best thing we found about this product is that it’s easy to assemble. With just a few parts, it becomes easier for you to assemble and start playing on this trampoline. 

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Fibre Flex Safety Net Enclosure
  • 86 Springs for Superior Jumping
  • High-quality Jumping Mat
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Provided ladder is of cheap quality

6) JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce Trampoline

JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce 10’x17’ Trampoline with Enclosure | 2 Layers of High Performance Black Springs | 50+ Patent & Safety Innovations | Lifetime Frame Warranty

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If quality is what you need, then the JumpSport AlleyOOP Powerbounce trampoline is the best one for your needs. With PowerBounce technology, this product is suitable for jumping higher and higher. With the high resistance jumping mat and the springs, you can jump higher with ease and use the best trampoline repair kits if anything breaks. With the high quality 72 PowerSprings, the trampoline provides greater resistance and bigger bounce. 

For the safety of the users, this product comes with the mesh design safety net enclosure. With this enclosure, you stay safe inside the trampoline while jumping. The company has patented its VariableBounce technology, which provides the ultimate bouncing experience to the users. So, it’s the best trampoline if your primary needs are playing with friends and kids or fitness exercises. 

  • VariableBounce Technology
  • 96 Primary Springs and 72 PowerSprings
  • Mesh Design Safety Net Enclosure
  • Strong and Durable Jumping Mat
  • Galvanized Stainless Steel Frame
  • Pretty Expensive  

7) Skywalker Rectangular Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure Net - Green

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The Skywalker is a well-known brand and almost all of their trampolines are best-in-class. With this Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline, you’ll get a better experience while playing with your friends, family, and kids. This product is the epitome of safety and fun at the same time. With the high-quality polypropylene jumping mat, you get an excellent bounce. Also, the safety enclosure keeps you safe from accidental jumping out of the trampoline. 

Even if you accidentally fall from the trampoline, you are going to stay safe due to the padded borders. The borders are padded with the foam, which protects you from hitting the steel frame. The galvanized steel frame is very sturdy and provides the strength and stability of this product. For the additional stability, it comes with the four W-shaped legs, which are very durable. In short, it’s the best thing that’s suitable for families. 

  • Polypropylene Jumping Mat
  • Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Foam Padded Borders
  • W-Shaped Legs for Stability
  • Safety net enclosure
  • No Ladder Provided 

8) Summit 14-inch Rectangular Trampoline

Summit 14' Rectangle Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

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Summit is not a famous brand like Skywalker but its products are of the top-quality. The Summit 14-inch Rectangular trampoline is one of the best products, that’s why it’s on the list. The jumping mat used in this product is made with high-quality UV resistant polypropylene material and this is why it is among the best safe trampolines available out there. The material is of the highest quality and can bear a lot of weight with ease. 

The frame is made with superior quality stainless steel. Also, it’s held in place with the T-bracket design, which provides the ultimate strength to this trampoline. The best thing we found about this product is the safety aspect. It follows all of the ASTM safety standards. It’s a better choice if you are willing to keep it in your backyard for family evenings. 

  • Sturdy Design
  • Waterproof Polypropylene Material
  • Padded Borders
  • U-Shaped Legs for Stability
  • High Weight Bearing Capacity
  • Complicated Installation Procedure

9) JumpKing 10x14 Feet Trampoline

JumpKing JKRC1014C319 10 x 14 Foot Enclosed Rectangular Trampoline with G3 Pole

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JumpKing is a reputed brand in the market with a lot of good products. The 10X14 Feet rectangular trampoline is the best suit for all those who have a huge family. This product comes with a safety net enclosure, which comes with a patented G3 pole design to support the net. To enter the trampoline inside the trampoline net, you get the L-shaped zipper entry, which is quite convenient. 

The jumping mat is made with the environment-friendly material and is also UV protected. So, keeping it outdoors won’t fade the colour of the jumping mat. The four-leg heavy steel frame provides the ultimate stability to this product. The best thing we found about this product is the stability. Even when you have multiple people using this trampoline, it won’t break or even make squeaky noise. In short, it’s the best trampoline for small families. 

  • HQ safety net enclosure
  • UV Protected Jumping Pad
  • Heavy Steel Frame
  • L-Shaped Zipper Entry with Clip Lock
  • Affordable Pricing
  • No Ladder Provided

10) Exacme 7x10 Foot Rectangular Trampoline

Exacme 7x10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure for Kids Spring Cover High Weight Limit, Blue

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If you are willing to get the trampoline for your kids, then there is nothing better than the Exacme 7×10 foot rectangular trampoline. As this is a small trampoline, it’s only suitable for the kids as it is not an oval trampoline. The bounce feels on this trampoline is very excellent. With the galvanized 6.5-inch springs, you get an excellent bouncy feel while playing on this trampoline. For the safety of the kids, it comes with a safety net, which has zip closure. The zip closure is secured with the clip lock, so it won’t open accidentally while the kids are playing. 

Another interesting safety addition is the Foam padded borders. The borders are padded with a thick foam layer, which protects the kids from accidentally hitting the borders. The safety net support poles are on the outside, away from the safety net, providing additional safety. The best thing we found about this product is the inclusion of the ladder and the heavy-duty steel legs. Everything together makes it one of the best rectangular trampolines for kids. 

  • Foam Padded Borders
  • 6.5-inch Steel Springs
  • High-quality Jumping Mats
  • Safety Enclosure
  • Small Ladder Included
  • Not Suitable for Adults 

Final Words 

The trampoline is one of the best things that’s suitable for having fun and exercise at the same time. With the rectangular trampoline, you get more space for jumping around. With more space and the heavy-duty construction, you can easily ask your friends to come and join you in the adventure.

We’ve done all the research required for getting the best rectangular trampoline suitable for your needs. As a vigilant buyer, you should first assess your needs and then choose the best product from the provided list. If you have any questions about the products we have mentioned above then you can ask us about them via the comments below.

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