We Take Safety to the Xtreme

We know that rules and safety can be a pretty boring topic but here at Trampoline Xtreme we take our safety standards beyond those set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (“ASTM). 

Here are just a few things that makes Trampoline Xtreme safer than other trampoline parks.

Here are just a few things that makes Trampoline Xtreme safer than other trampoline parks.
  • We use Air bags: Instead of foam pits so that they may be disinfected regularly.
  • Double layer covering springs: To prevent foot entrapment.
  • Jump to Jump Surfaces: To prevent customers from jumping onto a hard floor from the trampolines
  • No cell phone policy for all employees to help ensure constant supervision and safety of our guests.
  • Trampoline Xtreme is designed for all ages, and we want to make sure you get Max fun time.

Fun Safe Trampoline Facts

There are frequent misconceptions when it comes to the dangers of jumping on trampolines. The major reason for trampoline injuries are typically associated with backyard trampolines. Forget everything that you have heard about the enormous differences. Please review the following image to get a better feel for the safety that is included at Trampoline Xtreme trampoline park.



Injury Rates

Jumping on trampolines, jumping onto airbags and otherwise using equipment in a trampoline park does come with concerns, not unlike any other physical activity. Participants and parents must accept these risks, and also take responsibility for following posted rules to minimize these risks. Our staff is well trained and our equipment is designed to make the facility as safe as possible. Notwithstanding all that we do, we cannot completely eliminate the risk of injury. Here are some statistics comparing trampoline injuries in a significantly large facility in a major metropolitan area with other popular sports

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