Trampoline Dodgeball

Dodge Ball

It's even better on trampolines!

We have designated courts for dodgeball games that allow teams to compete against one another in our version of the sport you grew up with. Pick up games are always going on and we have an excellent staff who consider themselves “masters of dodgeball” and are always up to officiate or join in on a game. We invite you, your friends and family to enjoy some old school fun on our courts where we can see if you have what it takes!

Basketball Dunk Lanes

When's the last time you dunked?!

Always wanted to know what it feels like to sky above the rim and throw down a monster dunk?  Stop wondering and start slamming at Trampoline Xtreme. We have basketball goals that are just waiting for you to attempt that perfect 10 dunk.

Battle Ball

Are you up for the challenge?!

Challenge your friends to see who can protect their turf, while you try and score as many balls into your opponent’s side. This is a great game for kids of all ages and encourages healthy competition between family and friends!


Compete with your friends or family with this obstacle course activity. The goal is to get from one point to another in the most efficient way possible! Good luck!

Big Air!

The Softest Landing in Ohio!

No matter how big or small we dare you to jump into our air bags! Get crazy knowing your landing will be a plush air bag to catch your flip, fall, dive and dip.

Ninja Warrior

Show of your Ninja Warrior skills at our park. Create your own competition with friends and see who has what it takes to master the course! Post a video of your skills to our Facebook page and be on the look out for future Nina Warrior type competitions at Trampoline Xtreme!

Climbing Walls

Climb your way up and then find the perfect place to jump back in! Rinse – Repeat!

Inflatable Obstacle Course

Everyone loves an obstacle course and at Trampoline Xtreme we take our course to the next level! Our inflatable obstacle course allows children and adults of all ages to compete while having fun! See if you can beat your own time and look on our Facebook page for future obstacle course challenges!

Olympic Trampolines

Do you have what it takes for a gold medal performance?!

Here’s where you can really show off your skills. Flips, jumps and aerial acrobatics – it’s all here on these performance trampolines where you can shine!




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